My name is Rafael and I have been building digital products for over fifteen years.

I specialize in frontend development, leveraging design systems and leading technical teams.

I am available to collaborate on a part-time basis, in a small number of projects.

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Throughout my years in the industry I have been exposed to all sorts of different projects with various specific needs.

From interactive video installations, to e-commerces, custom CMS solutions, mobile applications, real-time applications, interactive websites, open source project maintenance, frontend custom tooling (linting plugins, SEO automation tools, crawlers, custom performance monitoring CLIs, etc), chatbot applications, custom plugins for Figma and Sketch, application infrastructure (setting up CI/CD pipelines, integrating code health tools and monitoring into CI, setting up AWS-based applications using Terraform and Cloud Formation) and building Node.js backends.

I have also been mentoring engineers on my spare time, and ran a React course for Udacity Brazil a couple years ago, which gave me hands-on experience with training, along with speaking at technology conferences, meetups and hosting a technology podcast.

Here is what I can offer you:

Technologies and concepts I have been using the most for the past five years:

Some of the clients I have collaborated with more recently are: Memberstack, Anima, Epic Games and Gateway.

For more details about my past endeavors and testimonials from clients and co-workers, check out my LinkedIn profile.

If you think you or your team could benefit from us collaborating together, let’s talk.